Summer School Dates 2017:

Sunday 23rd July between 14.00 and 18.00 hrs.

Saturday 5th August from 11 hrs.

The Summer School at the Kurpfalz-Internat has been renowned for almost 40 years for its ideal blend of intensive classes in the morning and an attractive program of activities in the afternoon and evening. The summer school is mainly visited by German pupils, but also offers German classes for teenagers from other countries.

Lessons in the morning

In a two-week intensive course, you will have the opportunity to learn German with a German teacher, who is qualified to teach German as a foreign language. We promise you some real eye-openers in small classes with no more than eight students.

You will have three 40 minute lessons per day and three times 40 minute homework sessions also during which you practice and learn the topics that you have covered in class. Lessons and homework times alternate. The teaching program is complemented by method coaching which helps you to learn more easily and more efficiently in the future.

From Monday to Saturday the morning is reserved for lessons.  In the afternoon and at the weekends our support team organizes a recreational program that helps to make the Summer School an unforgettable experience.

The Summer School Recipe for Success

At the Kurpfalz-Internat a maximum of eight students share the attention of their teacher. Our experienced boarding school teachers have time for you. They repeat, explain, and have patience. In the hard-working atmosphere of the small group you realize quickly that success breeds success which leads to increased motivation.

The Boarding Houses

During the summer school you live in the rooms in the boarding school, one of the leading boarding schools in Germany. Most of the paricipants are German. This allows you to practice your German in the afternoons and evenings too.

In the boarding house you share your room with a classmate. Boys and girls have their own on-campus residential area. Each is supervised by two tutors who care for you and ensure that the daily routine runs smoothly.

Experience has shown that an army marches on its stomach. Our chef vouches for the good food and ensures a healthy diet. If you're a vegetarian, we also offer you the possibility of a well-balanced diet. Every day, there are four meals: breakfast buffet, 2nd Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our sports field and new sports Hall offer ideal facilities in good and in bad weather, and provide ample opportunities for sporting activities. Common rooms and recreational areas also provide space for activities in the afternoon.

Furthermore, you can spend time in the student café, party at the disco or watch a film in our in-house-cinema.

At the weekend all the participants remain at school. Saturday is a normal day of lessons. The Sunday is reserved for a trip to the Europa Park in Rust, one of the largest theme parks in Europe.


The Summer School Survival-Kit:

All pupils should bring the following:

  • School ID card for reductions
  • Your school books for your chosen subject and also reserve subject
  • Stationery
  • Sheets and pillow-cases (duvet and pillows are provided)
  • Clothing, Towels, Sports Kit and bathing costume
  • Indoor trainers fort the sports hall
  • Toiletries
  • Sports Equipment for your chosen afternoon activity
  • You should also bring spprox. 100 € pocket money. This can be paid into an account at school and it will then be given out when required.

Afternoon Activities:

In the afternoon the Summer School offers an excellent counterbalance to the academic exertions of the morning. You can choose a sporting or creative activity that matches your interests. There is a wide range of attractive alternatives that will give you an unforgettable holiday experience.

The Options in  Summer School 2017:


Orienteering, map-reading, camping, abseiling, rope bridges, barbecuing and camp-fires sound fun? Then you are in the right place! Two of our tutors with extensive experience in outdoor activities are looking forward to your company and a few action-packed days of adventure.

Supplement: + 140 €



Masks, sculpture and photography. Discover the world of art. Be inspired and find your own way in the Arts program. Embark on a fascinating journey into the world of colors, shapes and sensations. Learn to recognize different materials and create your own special piece of artwork.

Supplement: + 200 €




You love music, playing guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and saxophone. You have music in your blood and soul in your voice. Then come to "THE band"!  The workshop will help you to come together as a band and try out different styles. You can rock, sing and "jam"! 

Supplement: No extra cost




Discover the action packed world of fencing. Experience the speed and precision of fighting with epee, foil and sabre.  For beginners, intermediate and advanced our Summer School offers perfect conditions for training in one of the most fascinating sports in the world. You will be trained by Jürgen Poerschke  a top trainer from Fencing Club Mosbach. Progress is guaranteed.

Supplement: No extra cost




Thrilling action, pure adrenaline! Experience the versatility of fun sports with water skiing, rafting, climbing, mountain biking, go-karting and much more. Our coaches challenge you and stretch you to your limits. Here you can prove yourself every day anew. Do you have nerves of steel and not fear a challenge? Then this is the activity for you.

Supplement: + 250 €



Train like Beck, Sigurdsson and Salihovic? Join us for training. Here you can learn the tips and tricks of professional footballers and improve your game. The varied training program is based on the performance of the participants and is really fun.

Supplement: + 100 €



The course is for beginners interested in the sport of golf. In two weeks, you learn from the pros at the golf club Wiesloch.  You receive instruction in the basics of the game, gain experience on the 9-hole course and learn the rules and etiquette. At the end of the course, you will take thethe DGV license exam. This will then allow you to play on the big 18-hole golf courses.

Supplement: + 380 €

Our experienced team of pros (Daniel Torresin and Sebastian Thiele) makes you fit for long drives and super scores. Practise your long and short game, complete rounds on the 9 - or 18-hole course and improve your handicap at one of the local tournaments.

Supplement: + 380 €



We have compiled a sport, wellness, and beauty program  "Just for girls". Get fit,  learn to defend yourself, get tips for good nutrition and the proper use of beauty and personal care products. Here you will find a program for girls Body & Soul!

Age:    14+
Supplement: + 120 €





In the Lego Mindstorms program you learn to combine Lego  with modern propulsion and sensor technology. You build your own robots or vehicles which are controlled with the help of software. Professionals can participate, as well as complete beginners. Why not try Lego Mindstorms and the fascinating world of robotics!

Supplement: + 120 €




The art of leadership is at the center of the Leadership course. In this program you will learn how to successfully lead people. You meet individuals who are already leaders, to talk to them and find out how they set goals, increase their creativity and performance, and how they manage to encourage others to do their best. In workshops, you can review and improve your own leadership skills! Discover the leader in yourself!

Age:    15+
Supplement: + 150 €




Join the fascinating world of fashion, learn how to design and then create everything you need in order to make yourself a fashion item. Create your own dress or design your unique handbag. Become a needlework magician and design your own clothes.  Everyone will admire your extraordinary designs.

Age:    14+
Supplement: + 150 €




The former Yugoslav show-jumper and world record holder Mileta Babovic will introduce you to equestrianism and teach you to ‘stay in the saddle’. If you’ve always wanted to learn to ride, now is the time! You are in good hands as he accompanies you on your first attempts. He will give you many tips and clear instructions.  After the two weeks you will have laid the foundations for further success in riding.

Supplement: + 250 €



The former Yugoslav show-jumper and world record holder Mileta Babovic will spend two weeks teaching you good technique and dressage. If the weather is suitable, you will also go out on treks. Herr Babovic loves to share his experience and love of horses. Former participants say, ‘you can learn a lot from Herr Babovic’. And he knows how to have fun too!

Supplement: + 250 €



In this program, you will familiarize yourself with topics from Chemistry or Physics. Under the guidance of experienced scientists, you learn to perform experiments yourselves, write up your results and analyze them scientifically. A visit to the BASF laboratory is planned. Here you can look over the shoulder of the scientists and have your questions answered. And who knows, maybe you will discover something quite new?

No supplement



As a beginner, you can learn to play tennis in the summer school with our professional coaching staff. They will teach you the basics of tennis: forehand, backhand, volley and serve. Here you can lay the foundations for future success.

Supplement: + 220 €



Our experienced coaches await all experienced players. There will be strong competition and intensive coaching. So pack your rackets and be ready to improve your technique, work hard and learn tactics. Our coaching staff would like to you have fun on the court and has designed interesting workouts. One of our coaches, Sebastian Rodriquez Montero from Argentina, is a former professional tennis player who will enthuse you with his experience and expertise!

Supplement: + 220 €






Immerse yourself in the world of circus and vaudeville with professional artist Ralf Breitlinger.  From him you can learn to juggle with balls and plates, balancing acts on the tightrope and amaze your audience with balloon magic. Get your ticket to the world of fantasy: It`s magic!

No supplement

Please complete the registration form.   Put 1 next to your first choice of activity and  2 next to your fallback option.  It is possible that your first choice will be either over- or undersubscribed.

Please note the supplements and age restrictions.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons are reserved for the activities. Wednesday and Saturday are reserved for excursions, sporting events and community activities.

The evening is reserved for parties, barbecues, movies and events.

Costs of the Summer School 2017: 2,290,00 €

The participation fee includes:

  • Three hours a day teaching in a chosen subject in small groups of 3-8 students with experienced teachers
  • Three daily supervised homework lessons
  • Accommodation and supervision in our modern boarding houses
  • Daily leisure program (some with extra charge)
  • Weekend trip to the Europa Park Rust (admission and transportation)
  • All meals

Additional costs may arise for:

  • Individual lessons in an extra chosen subject (limited availability)
  • Supplementary fees for certain activities (see Action)
  • Pocket money
  • Other costs (such as entrance fees for cinema etc.)

Please call:

Doris Büttendorf, Admissions

Telefon:+496223 / 4279691
Fax:     +496223 / 49467