We went on an exciting trip to Liverpool for five days. We learned about the history of the Beatles and British music, saw what one of the most famous stadiums looks like on the inside, and experienced the difference in culture between Germany and England.

We saw lots of cool and different sights. To start, we took a cruise on the river Mersey. It was windy, but interesting. From the ferry, Liverpool looked a bit like Hamburg, because they both are harbor cities. We learned about the Beatles and British music in two different museums. One afternoon, a tour guide took us on a walking tour to Liverpool’s most interesting sights. Many students’ favorite activity was the escape room we did in one of the evenings. On our last day in Liverpool, we took a bus to Anfield Stadium, the famous stadium of the FC Liverpool, which was a big highlight for many of us. 

We also enjoyed the free time we had to explore the city on our own! Because our hotel was in the middle of Liverpool, we only had to walk five minutes to find some shops and stores.  We were allowed to walk around in small groups of three people. 

We had a group chat for our class that we used to help each other, for example when someone couldn’t find our meeting spot. We were amazed by how we worked together and grew together as a group. Because of the windy weather, we were often cold, but because of the good times we had on our trip, we always had our laughter to warm ourselves up.

We are so grateful that we got the opportunity to travel to Liverpool with such a lovely group! Thank you to everyone who made that trip happen. We would especially like to thank our teachers for being so patient with us. We made some very special memories to look back on. 

(Written by the students of the 10a and 10b classes)